[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Nov 18 19:22:15 EST 2019

> @Evan Did you mean to send this to the public list? Because only the MA
> Admin can answer these questions.


(Everyone else: "MA Admin" is shorthand for our administrative list.)

>> It was the first time I used the upper rows of microcomputers which now
>> have monitors.
>> I was unable to get four things to work:
>> - Apple II (crazy display)
>> - Apple III (no display)
>> - OSI Challenger (no display)
>> - Atari 1040 (no display)
> They all worked fine when I was there the previous day. I will take a look
> on Wednesday.

May well have been user error on my part.

>> Also did anyone work on the Heathkit H19? If not then someone should ...looking at you Alex Bodnar. :)
> We didn't look at that one yet. If Alex can fix, then maybe at the next repair workshop in January?

I hope so. He's our resident expert on Heathkit computers.

>> I put a sign ("new exhibit coming here soon") in the large empty spot where the Timberwolf tape library was.
> What's Timberwolf?

TImberwolf was the series name for StorageTek's tape libraries.

>> Someone had left a random Novell poster there. Totally out of place and context. I removed it.
> That was me. I meant to have Corey move it on Wednesday. It had history of Novell and history of Unix on it. Wasn't sure if we could use it or not.

Probably not. It's kind of ugly (IMO) and unrelated to the area where it 
was left in the museum.

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