[vcf-midatlantic] Free S-Video board/mod for Sega Genesis

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 15:01:43 EST 2019

Hey folks,

Due to lack of soldering skills and proper tools..  I've decided to give up
and give away a S-Video mod kit for the Sega Genesis :).


I soldered (poorly) the 4 transistors and 3 caps to the board, but rather
than risk the Genesis itself with further work (I'm also sure I can't
solder the S-Video connector to wires) I'd rather just give this away.
You'll get the PCB, 28 gauge wire set, S-Video and RCA gold connectors via

If you want it, just PM me with an address or if you're going to Festivus
I'll bring it there.


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