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Sun Nov 24 15:04:44 EST 2019


  Just a reminder you can send you bids to corey at vcfed.org <mailto:corey at vcfed.org> 

As stated below, bids will be accepted till 11/30.2019 at 11:59 EST.

Thank you,
Good luck bidding,

corey cohen
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> On Nov 16, 2019, at 8:42 PM, corey cohen <coreyvcf at gmail.com> wrote:
> To all our VCF friends and colleagues,
> As many of you know, long time VCF associate, contributor and friend to many, Dan Roganti (affectionately known as Ragooman) passed away in September of last year. As part of his legacy, Dan entrusted his IMSAI 8080 computer to VCF, to be cared for and sold by us, with the entire proceeds to benefit his family. His wish was that it go to a vintage computer enthusiast, to be preserved, maintained and enjoyed.
> VCF is going to respect Dan's wish by offering the IMSAI 8080 via a closed, single-bid email offering. This offering will go out only to the individuals who are active on this email list as of 11/15/2019. In this way, we ensure Dan's desire that the computer go to an enthusiast and not end up immediately resold, put in storage or under glass, never to be used.
> The IMSAI 8080 has been expertly restored to operation by our own Herb Johnson. It is in very nice physical and operating condition.
> The system contains an IMSAI CPU and F/P backplane with DRC 8K RAM board and Godbout active buss terminator board. Please read the in-depth description at the end of this message. 
> Here's how it will work:
> - Interested bidders will submit a single offer, submitted via email to corey at vcfed.org <mailto:corey at vcfed.org>. All offers will be acknowledged via email only.
> - Bidding will start at $1500. No bids under that amount will be considered.
> - Acceptance of bids will begin on 11/23/2019 at 12:01 a.m. EST. Bids will be accepted until 11/30/2019 at 11:59 pm EST.
> - Only the first bid from any individual will be accepted. Subsequent bids from the same person will be rejected.
> - The overall highest eligible bid received within the given time period will be the winner. 
> - In all cases, date eligibility for the bid will be determined by the time stamp in the email header.
> - Item should be paid for within 72 hours of  notification of having the winning bid. PayPal Friends and Family (paypal at vcfed.org <mailto:paypal at vcfed.org>) is strongly preferred as the payment method.
> - If the accepted highest bidder is unwilling or unable to pay for the item within the time limit, it will be offered to the next highest, valid bid.
> - Of course, this will be sold AS-IS, final sale. There is no warranty on the IMSAI 8080, express or implied, or any promise of specific functionality or suitability to purpose. Please remember that the proceeds are going to Dan's family, so no refunds will be given for any reason once the winner has taken possession or the computer has shipped. 
> Ideally, the winner should pick up the IMSAI 8080 at our Festivus celebration December 7th and 8th, or shortly thereafter. If necessary, It may be shipped to the winner at their own risk and expense.
> There will be no exceptions to the above conditions, so please bid thoughtfully and carefully for this valuable and historic item.
> Good luck!
> Below is the statement Herb made that describes the current state of the IMSAI. Please read it carefully before bidding:
>> Subject: Re: Dan Roganti's IMSAI, delivered
>> From: Herb Johnson <hjohnson at retrotechnology.com <mailto:hjohnson at retrotechnology.com>>
>> Date: 9/2/2019, 3:55 PM
>> To: Evan Koblentz <evan at vcfed.org <mailto:evan at vcfed.org>>
>> On Saturday, I delivered Dan's IMSAI to the VCF/Infoage Museum, placed it on the workbench there. It arrived working, I did a brief test.
>> Cleaned up (not factory-restored) and operational. It only has an 8K memory card (and a bus terminator) so it can only run toggled-in programs to blink lights. That's what I got with it. It was short five "paddles", three blue two red. I put five reds on it as the cheapest option. Various small parts were replaced, some parts added for safety.
>> IMSAI delivered tested cleaned working but without warranty.
>> IMSAI is in good as-used cosmetic condition, f/p controls work.
>> IMSAI CPU and F/P and backplane: DRC 8K RAM board,
>> Godbout active buss terminator board.
>> All previous-owner mods, markings retained.
>> Five toggles missing/damaged: three blue two red;
>> replaced with five reds on controls, blue unavailable.
>> Tantalum caps replaced with higher-voltage new stock.
>> Mechanicals cleaned of loose dust, dirt, oils only.
>> Small rusty screws replaced; large ones cleaned up.
>> Cover cleaned up but left interior with tape residue.
>> Boards cleaned of gummy substance: rosin not removed.
>> Power supply caps "regenerated" successfully.
>> AC power lines insulated except at fuse-holder.
>> Bus connectors cleaned and lubricated but not warranted.
>> Board edge connectors cleaned and lubricated.
>> IMSAI performs front panel operations successfully.
>> IMSAI executes simple hand-entered programs OK.
>> DC power voltages on bus as IMSAI specs.
>> DC regulators on boards produce good voltages.
>> Motherboard lines good on all pins across bus.
>> NO comprehensive 8K RAM tests performed, but
>> simple memory front-panel operations work OK.
>> Regards,
>> Herb Johnson
> Thank you,
> Good luck bidding,
> Cheers,
> Corey
> corey cohen
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