[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop (@kennettclassic) this Saturday 11/30

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 12:32:33 EST 2019

First of all Karen and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has
visited so far.  We have had Mike Tomczak, former Commodore VP and author
of Home Computer Wars, Evan, Tony, Dean and his son, Alex Bodnar, Bob
Roswell, and a lot of locals new to the hobby, and family.  We're going to
hold over the Commodore History exhibit for a little while longer, until we
replace it early in 2020

During Evan's visit we spoke about coordinating our event dates so that
there is no overlap, and we will cross promote our events.

I set up a meetup.com group that people can signup with for contact about
events or you can friend "kennett classic" on facebook, or just visit the
kennettclassic.com website regularly.
https://www.kennettclassic.com <https://www.facebook.com/kennettclassiccomp>

The first workshop is this Saturday and we had two more workshops planned
that hopefully don't overlap with anything VCFed is doing.  Moving forward
we'll intentionally stagger the workshops.

Here is the meetup link that provides the details
(it's brand-new meetup.com group so don't be shy to at least join the group)

Same deal as any workshop I have run at my home or the old office in
Wilmington since 2005.  Clean and triage your hardware before you bring it,
bring an extension cord and power strip, bring tools and parts.  If you let
us know what you're bringing, it helps others plan what they'll bring and
to work together on the same types of hardware.  For example, pick a theme
like "6502 systems" "S-100 bus" "teletypes" etc.

Reminds me of when Dan Roganti came to my house to stay over the weekend
for workshop, once with his daughters.  Dan was a regular at every workshop
back in the day.  vintagecomputer.net is full of photos (search term
workshop) of past workshops from MARCH and VCFed.

Directions and Contact:

For Sale:

Kennett Square is centrally located south of Phila and north of Baltimore
off RTE 1 between Longwood Gardens and Newark Delaware.  This is a very
nice retail space with restaurants, pubs, hotels, music, other museums and
galleries so if you bring the family and they're not really into vintage
computers there will be other things to do.

See you there!

Future events:


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