Sperry/Univac Uniscope 100 Service Manual?

Jeff G jeffg at junknet.net
Tue Oct 1 12:43:10 EDT 2019

Would anyone happen to have a service manual, schematic, or ANY technical
info on a Univac Uniscope 100 terminal? I acquired one a few days ago and
its dead. I did find that the Computer History Museum has the manual and
they are seeing if they can dig it up, but if I can get a full copy or if
someone has one locally that would be better.

If someone did have one I'd be glad to scan it if possible and make it
available. I also found some online posts where the original designer of
this posted up original drawings and talked about the thoughts behind the
design of it.

Some pics of it on my web site as I cleaned it up here:

I also acquired some Sperry/Univac "Mapper" memorabilia at the same time,
that I'll be posting up on my web site too. (Known today as BIS from Unisys)


Bags (aka Jeff G)

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