[vcf-midatlantic] Introduction

Kenneth Gober kgober at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 11:48:57 EDT 2019

Hi, I'm Ken (kgober on the VCF forum).  A few months back, when it became
increasingly clear that I was missing important local news by not
subscribing to this mailing list, I signed up, but I've just been lurking
until now.

I live in central NJ, and work in IT (Information Security actually) for a
large pharmaceutical firm.  My interests far exceed the amount of time I
have available for them.  A big part of my interest in vintage computing is
really just an extension of my interest in retro computer gaming, because
of course the best platform to run old software on is the hardware it was
intended for.  I do resort to emulators when I have to; some hardware is
just not practical for me to acquire or operate at home (the larger DEC
systems, for example).

I have a fairly large collection of 8-bit systems that I haven't had time
to power on in years, but am unwilling to get rid of.  And another fairly
large collection of Macs ranging from Mac Plus through G3 that I will
someday do something with.  Plus of course the PC collection which is
mostly Compaq and IBM models (including a bunch of PS/2 systems).  Also a
few Unix systems (mostly Sun, but a couple IBM RS/6000s too), oldest being
a SPARCstation SLC and the newest a SPARC Enterprise T5140.  I also have
some interest in PDP-11s; I have an 11/23 Micro that I'm trying to get
running again (power supply issues) and eventually upgraded to something
that will run BSD Unix, and some day I need to get my father's H-11 running
again (it's been in storage for decades).

I've written some software which I've previously posted about on the VCF
forum, notably VT05 and VT52 terminal emulators for Windows, and also
"FSX", a command-line utility to browse and read files from old disk images
(RT-11, RSX-11, Unix v5, and Commodore for now, with more to be added as
time permits).  Those can all be found at https://github.com/kgober

I've considered attending one of the repair weekends but I can't decide
what to actually work on next that's not too much trouble to unearth.  The
PDP-11 is probably easiest (being on top of the pile) but I do have a
TRS-80 Model 4P that needs a new line filter capacitor (at least I think
that's what blew up, but I still need to open it up to verify).  I have a
bunch of Commodore floppy drives that I acquired in 'as-is' condition that
need to be checked, but checking a 4040 or 8050 would also require me to
dig one of my PETs out of the pile, and I'm not even sure which of them is
still working...  And so on, and so on.  It's kind of a disaster actually.

I will certainly have no shortage or projects to work on when I retire, so
I've got that going for me.


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