[vcf-midatlantic] computer superstitions

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 05:57:34 EDT 2019

"Scandinavia and the World" is an online comic with an International flavor.
This time literally:

looking that up leads to:
Kuai Kuai culture is a phenomenon in Taiwan
wherein workers put snacks of the "Kuai Kuai" brand next to or on top
of machines.
Workers who do this believe that,
because the name of the snack -
"Kuai Kuai" - stands for "obedient" or "well-behaved,"
it will make a device so adorned function without errors.
As such, it can be commonly found in myriad places of work in Taiwanese society.
A rigid set of best practices has arisen surrounding the proper use of
Kuai Kuai snacks,
such as using green bags only, and ensuring the snacks are not expired.

other programming/computer superstitions:

and kinda related to that:

-- jeff jonas

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