[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2019-10-19

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Oct 20 10:54:34 EDT 2019

>> Steve Anderson stopped by and dropped off his Dig-Comp 1.

Ours, not his.

On Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 5:30 PM Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Good day at the museum. Maybe 20 people stopped by. About 1/4 of them were
> high interest, 1/2 medium interest and 1/4 low interest.
> It's always fun to see visitors who see things differently or ask questions
> that you have never gotten before. I love the new LED screens on the "top
> shelf" machines. I look forward to seeing demos for them soon. :)
> Steve Anderson stopped by and dropped off his Dig-Comp 1. We chatted for a
> while about what's new with VCF and he had some personal perspective on
> many of the artifacts and explained to me how some of them were used and
> operated. I appreciate that since I'm weaker on my knowledge of 50's and
> 60's machines.
> I also worked on my demo of Geck OS, which is Unix for the C64. Interesting
> piece of software. Quite impressive that it works on a C64.
> Mouse will be docent tomorrow.
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