[vcf-midatlantic] Big Beautiful Vintage Computers, and Where To Find Them

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Fri Oct 25 09:44:53 EDT 2019

On 10/25/19 7:11 AM, David Riley via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>> On Oct 24, 2019, at 14:04, Dave McGuire via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
>>> On 10/24/19 12:06 AM, Neil Cherry via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>>> This gets my vote for best comment on Hackaday:
>>> "Wow! That must have required a whole lot of retrobright!" - Thgir Borter
>>   soda -> keyboard
> Silly me, I thought it was more of a peroxide and laundry booster mixture.
Well I know that soda works quite well at removing paint but so does
McD's Chocolate Shakes. Of course tested on cars ... ;-)

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