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Thu Oct 31 11:18:16 EDT 2019

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> I'm looking fixing the 3B1 at the next workshop. From the last workshop
> it seems like the hard drive has died. Since I likely will need do do a new
> installation Was there anything in particular on it that people liked for
> demos? Is their anything people like on Unix machines to use for demos? If
> not I'll go with standard OS & software that was on the machines and see
> what interesting stuff I see in the archives.

I like to show the Unix prompt and how it works because it is a command
line based OS which is much different than modern GUI.

I wonder though if there is something like Zork for this system or if it
can be adapted.

Personally I would like a better editor than the built in “ed”. Maybe there
is the “vi” available?

I would for some show a C program and how to compile from the command line.
But is there a GUI version.

And just for fun is there a BASIC interpreter or compiler available?

> For the straight 8 has anyone tried to operarate it since the last workshop
> I was at (the one previous to the last workshop). If so was their any
> problems? If not would anyone doing the tours like to learn how to use it?

I had it working, but must be missing a step because I didn’t get the demo
to work.

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