[vcf-midatlantic] ESIX System V

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Wow. If all of that is true, then this would seem to be a very desirable unix system. Maybe even the holy grail of unixes. However the devil is in the details. Maybe it had some flaws? I hadn't heard of it, but with those collection of features, you would think it would be extremely well known (maybe it is, maybe I'm cloistered)

73 Eugene W2HX
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>From this website: http://www.ugu.com/sui/ugu/show?I=esix&F=1111111111&G=Y

"*ESIX* - Esix System V Release 4.0 unifies all major versions and
derivatives of UNIX such as AT&T System V Release 3.2, Berkeley Software
Distribution (BSD) 4.2 and 4.3, SCO UNIX 3.2, and Microsoft XENIX. In
addition, key features of Sun Microsystems SunOS™ have been incorporated. "

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> Do a stack of ESIX System V disks mean anything to anybody here? My
> understanding is that it's Unix System V for AT&T. I am unable to read the
> disk contents outside of a PC disk drive.

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