[vcf-midatlantic] new acquisition: Intel SBC 80/10+SBC-108

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sat Sep 21 17:27:00 EDT 2019

> It seems to be "industrial strength" - I'm sure these were priced above the affordability threshold for most hobbyists...

Glenn, suffice it for me to say, as a digital engineer from the 1970's, 
that while Multibus systems when new, were not cheap; in the era, early 
digital computing technology (microprocessor  or minicomputer), wasn't 
cheap either. And in due course, Multibus and other industrial-bus 
microcomputers, became "hobbyist"; and are hobbyist today, 
notwithstanding some legacy industrial uses still going on.

But just because some 1970's computers were industrial, doesn't mean 
they didn't have a "hobby" impact or had early hobby activity. Just as 
college students "hacked" on expensive computers at their colleges, so 
did engineers and techs do the same at the time - either at work or when 
these systems became surplus. And today, there's a number of people 
"hobbying" on Multibus computers; and other such systems too. Certainly 
so, on the minicomputers preceding the microprocessor-based "boxes".

I think to someone born after say 1995, all these "rows of boards in 
ugly boxes" look the same - S-100, Multibus, VMEbus, STDbus, SS-50, OSI, 
DEC, etc. So it disappoints me, when I see any of them referenced as 
"non-hobby" for one reason or another, past or present. It's my era to 

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