[vcf-midatlantic] Important: I'm taking a break

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Sep 22 23:44:42 EDT 2019


I decided to take a break from most VCF stuff, starting now and lasting 
until Festivus.

I am very busy with my new job and way behind on commitments to myself 
and others in non-VCF aspects of life. I haven't really had a break from 
MARCH-turned-VCFed since it all began in 2004, not counting a couple of 
weeks in 2010 for a family emergency.

So here's what will happen during the next couple of months:

- I will still lead our Bells Labs demo next month and will give my 
lecture + demo at Brickfair NJ in November. I've been looking forward to 
both of these events!

- Dean will lead the VCF table at Jersey Shore Makerfest next month.

- Jeff B. will continue his museum docenting and will arrange to fill 
the gaps. Corey will take most of the Wednesdays.

- I'll be at the workshop this Saturday to finish my rebuilt Lego robot 
(the old one broke at the end of Maker Faire last fall).

- I'm not going dark. I will chime in here sometime, may even stop by 
the museum once or twice, and will be available to whomever needs my 
help. But our board of directors will continue their work in my absence, 
still consulting with me on any major decisions.

- I told Jeff B. and Corey and Dean not to let me find the 
museum/warehouse in shambles when I get back in December. :) Their job 
is to keep it humming, not to change anything big.

- For non-major questions / problems / comments / event planning / etc., 
contact any of them (Corey / Jeff B. / Dean) ... but as I said, anyone 
can reach me if needed,

I'm sure you will all agree that this is a much-deserved break after 15 
years of leading the group. My passion and ambition for what we do 
remains high, but my availability is much lower and my energy has 
ups/downs. Right now the latter is kind of in down cycle.

Looking forward to seeing some of you next Saturday, and at the Bell 
Labs event, and then of course at Festivus.

I'll answer any questions here or in private, but please don't press me 
for any specific details about what prompted this, etc. ... I just need 
some time away from it.


-Evan K.

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