[vcf-midatlantic] Still need more museum docents

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Sep 22 23:52:10 EDT 2019

It's quantum: we are desperate for more museum docents (because Jeff B. 
and company deserve breaks too), however we're simultaneously selective 
about who we'll let be a docent (because it's largely a public relations 

The last time we asked, there were mixed results:

- A bunch of people said, "I'd love to, but..."

- One person sincerely volunteered, but we said "No, thank you" because 
we couldn't in good conscience let him travel that far (a couple of 
states away) just for four hours of volunteering.

- One or two others also volunteered, but didn't keep their commitment.

So if you're interested in being a tour guide and are smart, outgoing, 
reliable, professional, and know a lot about computer history, then 
email Jeff B. (jeffrey at vcfed.org) to explain your interest. He will talk 
about it with me, Corey, and Dean for approval.

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