[vcf-midatlantic] Another great repair workshop

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Mon Sep 30 08:05:46 EDT 2019

I made it there Sunday only this time. Didn’t do any work on my stuff but Adam Michlin and I spent some time straightening up in the warehouse. Herb came over for awhile and helped too.

I’ve been working on the museums Franklin 500 machines as well as the NeXT monitors and printers on my days off. Since I now have a Franklin 500 and a Cube and slab set up at home that I’ve disassembled and cleaned I felt comfortable doing the same with the museum franklins (they’re pretty straight forward anyway!!!)

The two museum NeXT printers and two Megapixel displays are now tagged with their working state. One monitor just required a little manual adjustment and focus and is now a viable replacement for the one on display if it’s ever needed or can be used for one of the three NeXTstations VCF has if we ever display them. Both printers need work, but replacement toner cartridges are available (They use HP laserjet II or equivalent cartridges) and intake rollers can be had as well. I’ve never done it but know it’s been done before.

One monitor is working but needs some attention from the Monitor Whisperer (hi Ian!) to get the image bright enough again to be useable. I spoke with Ian and Connor at the workshop and we talked about maybe doing a NeXTfest at a future workshop to get everything working (or at least starting the process) plus bringing any of our own NeXT machines to work on as well.

The three Franklin 500s now just need a cleaning before returning to the warehouse. I won’t have time to do any major repairs but they will be cleaned, evaluated and tagged with their working state so in the future we can fix what needs fixing and know what we’ve got and what condition it’s in.
One works well, the other two have some minor issues.

My plan for the next workshop is to fix the keyboards on VCFs two Franklin 100 machines. I’m going to be replacing the foam pads on my personal Ace 1000 machines I have, so after doing those three personal machines I’ll be comfortable doing the Ace 100 units from the warehouse. I prefer to learn from my mistakes on my personal stuff first. (Which means I should be a genius by now. Don’t know what went wrong there.)

Adam and I are going to spend time over the winter consolidating and organizing the Apple aisle in the warehouse. When done, we hope to set the example for what all aisles should look like (where feasible of course) Then it’ll be time to reach out to the Commodore and Atari and Tandy etc. guys to help do the same! ;-)


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