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Nice work Tony,
Sadly the issue with so many of the Next mono megapixel displays is that
the tubes are just low emissions. Since the monitors were powered on and
running as long as the machines were powered on. This was not as much of an
issue with the Philips and Hitachi color monitors as they were not powered
form the CPU and had a power switch and could be turned off.
You can boost the screen voltage to try and compensate for that, but it is
just a temporary fix. Once tubes get to a point of real low emissions even
the screen voltage boost will not help, and then you just end up with a
cloudy out of focus mess.
Sometimes you can try a rejuvenation of the tube with a CRT tester like the
Sencore CR-70 or the Sencore CR-7000 (if you have deep pockets). it is not
recommended to use B&K CRT testers for their restore function as it is
rather harsh and sometimes can blow the cathode apart rendering the tube
As of right now, there is no company that is rebuilding CRT's (but the
effort to start rebuilding down in Columbus Ohio at the Early Television
Museum is moving forward). So that may be an option in the next few years.

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> The two museum NeXT printers and two Megapixel displays are now tagged
> with their working state. One monitor just required a little manual
> adjustment and focus and is now a viable replacement for the one on display
> if it’s ever needed or can be used for one of the three NeXTstations VCF
> has if we ever display them. Both printers need work, but replacement toner
> cartridges are available (They use HP laserjet II or equivalent cartridges)
> and intake rollers can be had as well. I’ve never done it but know it’s
> been done before.
> One monitor is working but needs some attention from the Monitor Whisperer
> (hi Ian!) to get the image bright enough again to be useable. I spoke with
> Ian and Connor at the workshop and we talked about maybe doing a NeXTfest
> at a future workshop to get everything working (or at least starting the
> process) plus bringing any of our own NeXT machines to work on as well.
> Tony

Matt Patoray
Owner, MSP Productions

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