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I've used PowerSonic, good quality.

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> >
> >  I replace batteries in about twelve APC UPSes.  It's definitely worth
> it.  I have one SmartUPS 2000XL that I've had since the mid 1990s that's
> still going strong.  Years ago I bought two Matrix 5000s used from a
> surplus dealer, and got ten years of service out of one before it was
> destroyed by lightning, and a solid fifteen years of service out of the
> other before it died of natural causes just recently.
> >
> >  UPS batteries are a consumable.  Lead-acid batteries last 2-3 years
> whether they are being used or not.
> >
> >  I buy batteries from refurbups.com, for about fifteen years now.
> Don't buy the "Werker" batteries at Batteries Plus, they are garbage.
> Good to know a reliable source, I've been going mostly with Panasonic, but
> they're a bit pricy; heard good things about PowerSonic ones and was
> thinking about trying them out.
> I was recently having some weird intermittent problems where one server in
> my mini-rack was mysteriously hanging, usually waiting until I was out of
> town; the problems went away as soon as I replaced the very old batteries
> in the UPS, so presumably it was getting a brownout during the automatic
> testing cycle or something.
> It's worth noting that lead-acid batteries are some of the most recyclable
> battery technologies we have! The lead, plastic and electrolyte all get
> chopped up and recycled, pretty much the only thing that goes to waste is
> the stabilizing substrate between the cells.  There are some pretty neat
> videos of the process if you look around.
> - Dave

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