[vcf-midatlantic] How's Everyone Doing

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Apr 24 11:28:54 EDT 2020

> Yeah, VCF East would have started today. I'm sad too because it was turning out to be the best one ever, now
> we have to postpone and hope that everything falls into place.

It will still be great when the next one happens!

> Cool beans! I so want to get into the Amiga, but I have to finish my fetish with Commodore 64s first before
> delving into the 16 bit world! 

Grew up Atari 8-Bit then MS-DOS PC but was aware of the Amiga. They're 
pretty darn cool machines. Really the only downside is that they used a 
television for a monior and were pretty high priced. But yea, there is a 
lot going for them.

> Thinking out loud. Does anyone replace the batteries on them or do they just buy a new one? I have two with
> dead batteries and wonder if the cost justifies replacing the batteries or just get a whole new unit?

In this case my friend replaced the batteries, then found out that it 
needed capacitor replacement. I guess he didn't want to throw good money 
after bad? It took me less than an an hour, and he always offloads tons of 
IT hardware on me. It was like, "Can you fix my UPS? Also here is 5 x 2TB 
Hitachi hard drives and 3 48 port gigabit with dual 10gig uplink switches 
if you want them...." So it's like, OF COURSE!

I give away most of the hardware. One friend was all like "Heeey man my 
parents are now uncool with the blade center hooked to the dryer outlet... 
can you take it back?" "NOPE!"


> For me binge watching old comedies like "Community", "The Office" with my brother and sister.
> Also cleaning up and organizing my room.
> Also teaching Taekwondo in the afternoons via Zoom.
> Also walking between 4 and 7 miles a day to keep fit and healthy all the while playing a lot of Pokemon Go!
> :)

That... is impressive! Good job on the exercise!

> Sounds like such awesome fun that you are having. I feel sad that all the repair workshops had to be
> cancelled.

Yea. I just wonder what will happen when this is over. Will people be 
motivated to go back out, or lazy?

> Me too! I put seat covers on my Hyundai Tuscon that I have meant to do for 2 years. And a screen cover on my
> phone that I should have done a few months ago.


 			- Ethan

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