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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 24 13:42:18 EDT 2020

  And of course I meant "I replace batteries REGULARLY" in my first
sentence below. :)  Hopefully that was obvious..


On 4/24/20 9:33 AM, Chris Fala wrote:
> Agree with all Dave said.
> I used to work at an electronic repair place that dealt with industrial
> test equipment and such. We would frequently get UPS units in, and not
> always big ones. They usually had minor failures, fuses, capacitors,
> etc., and always seemed to be repairable and worth the effort.
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>     >k, and I will do more.
>     >>
>     >> 4. Going to fix a APC UPS for a friend. Needs new caps.
>     >
>     > Thinking out loud. Does anyone replace the batteries on them or do
>     they
>     > just buy a new one? I have two with dead batteries and wonder if
>     the cost
>     > justifies replacing the batteries or just get a whole new unit?
>       I replace batteries in about twelve APC UPSes.  It's definitely
>     worth it.  I have one SmartUPS 2000XL that I've had since the mid
>     1990s that's still going strong.  Years ago I bought two Matrix
>     5000s used from a surplus dealer, and got ten years of service out
>     of one before it was destroyed by lightning, and a solid fifteen
>     years of service out of the other before it died of natural causes
>     just recently.
>       UPS batteries are a consumable.  Lead-acid batteries last 2-3
>     years whether they are being used or not.
>       I buy batteries from refurbups.com <http://refurbups.com>, for
>     about fifteen years now.  Don't buy the "Werker" batteries at
>     Batteries Plus, they are garbage.
>                        -Dave
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>     Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
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Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
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