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Wed Aug 5 22:05:59 EDT 2020

Decades ago, for a hardware project, I designed and built a shift register
based LED color organ. I achieved a certain randomness by detecting one
audio frequency that pulsed a bit shift at a regular rate while the
frequency was present, and detected another frequency that was used to seed
the input to the shift register. When music was played, the color organ
swept through 24 LEDs in a linear manner, with random groups of LEDs being
lit as the bits shifted through.

I suppose something similar could be applied to your idea, but don't
connect the lights in sequence. Connect them in a random order and the
randomness of the bits flowing through will technically be in a specific
order, but "random" in perception.

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> I have some front panels that I'd like to blink like in the movies.
> Since the human brain likes to find patterns, I suspect that
> pure random numbers are nowhere as satisfying as some patterns.
> Has anyone done research on that?
> Of course, I'll have multiple modes such as Conway's Life,
> counting in various ways, ring counters, etc.
> -- jeff jonas

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