Museum Report: 5 Aug 2020

svcatitc at svcatitc at
Thu Aug 6 09:36:18 EDT 2020

Opened museum at 1pm.   Quiet day.
No visitors until Al Klase from NJARC stopped by to take a look-see. Gave him the 2 bit tour.
He had not seen the museum for awhile, and was impressed at what we had accomplished.We talked about doing other future collaborations between museums.

Photographer for Mike Ruane came in to photo the museum artifacts.  She was impressed withthe layout and the "walk down memory lane".   She is doing an overall video shoot for Mike of the campus.
She has done many video productions for Mike for Info Age.

Other maintenance notes:
1.  Replaced the bib door on the EAI TR-20 using the one off the Texas collage donation from the warehouse.
2. Added the VCF logo to the Windows 3.1 desktop "wallpaper" on the IBM PS2 machine.

Bill Inderrieden

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