[vcf-midatlantic] Xerox Wildflowers - Dandelions and Daybreaks

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Tue Aug 18 12:57:42 EDT 2020

> in reality it was a business deal that in essence traded Apple stock for use of Xerox IP


Web search for "apple Xerox business deal" found this link pretty 
quickly. It links to a New York Times article from 2011. As Tony Bogan 
says, there's probably more such reportage. However, there's also 
reportage that's just crap - based on speculation and opinion and hype 
for various purposes.

I myself, didn't know one way or another if there was a business deal 
between Apple/Jobs and Xerox. It was not hard to find out, presuming 
these are legitimate sources.

The chatter after the linked article is informative, because it includes 
first-hand testimony, plus informed opinions from actual experienced 
technical persons. Other commentary is fun to see. People not part of 
the events or items in question, split hairs about things like 
"innovate" versus "copy", "real genius", and who the heroes and villains 
"really" were.

I'm commenting, because I run across this stuff all the time, and I 
maintain my own Web site on vintage computing. I have to explain more 
and more history, because most of my site-readers now have no experience 
with my items from my era.

I could say more about history and evidence, and why people speak or 
write about something for one purpose or another. But I decided, it's 
enough to say the following. People write or speak for some purpose. 
There may or may not be, evidence behind their words. Know the purposes 
and know the evidence, and then you can (if you wish) decide how to 
consider what's said and written. It's useful advice, I think.

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