Missing Extech Multimeter (orange and green) at Workshop

svcatitc at aol.com svcatitc at aol.com
Fri Aug 21 12:26:14 EDT 2020

Alex and All;
After I closed up shop on Wed's docent chores, I went looking in 9032a and found nothing.
I was the one who did the last look-a-round before  locked up the building on Sun after the workshop concluded.

I also went through CDL, just as Martin suggested.   CDL owns a lot of the same model multimeter, however they were all tagged as IXR on the back.

Nothing out on the benches either.

I will ask on Saturday when I am in as to whether there is a "Lost & Found".   When I am in on the 26th,  I'll ask the radio boys if they saw anything, and also keep looking.

Bill  Inderrieden

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