[vcf-midatlantic] The good old days of user groups.

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Mon Aug 24 21:53:59 EDT 2020

On Mon, 24 Aug 2020, RETRO Innovations via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

> What better to approximate the message bases of BBS systems :-) I remember 
> logging into some back in the day and finding nice technical treasures 
> message after message.  Then, another BBS with local events were a hotbed of 
> name calling and childish put downs.

    Our Xenix BBS in Tacoma, WA didn't even have file areas, just message areas 
and real-time chat. There were interest-specific message areas, but the 
real-time chat was the hot ticket. We had 4 phone lines, and they were all 
tied up between 4:00 P.M. and 2:00 A.M. There were a few jerks, but our user 
base were generally good people. A bunch of us would even get together for 
pizza, parties, etc. This was mid-'80s.

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