[vcf-midatlantic] The good old days of user groups.

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 10:42:10 EDT 2020

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> downloading some files. At that time I was probably running the beloved
> Telegard, which used external software to handle all the transfers. The
> Zmodem thing that was running would go full screen and had progress bars
> to show the total que transferred and the current file. We're sitting
> there talking about something and I notice out of the corner of my eye the
> transfer screen running. The files progressed to the end, then the bar
> would turn red. Then it would go to the next file... at the end, it would
> turn red again saying cancelled and move to the next file. Aghast, I
> cancelled the transfer, broke into sysop chat and scolded the user then
> hung up on him.
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Anyone here write their own "progress bars" into programs using C or BASIC
or even DOS TSRs for DOS applications back then?  That used to always be a
component in install programs, etc.  There were special ASCII chacters to
represent the bars.  A memory of the time when  you mentioned progress
bars.  Now mostly progress is a spinning thing on the screen.


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