Museum Report: 26 August 2020

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Fri Aug 28 18:33:46 EDT 2020

Opened up around 12:45p  after checking in at "Hotel".

Only one young couple visited with only mild interest.

In talking privately  with Tony Bogan, it was pointed out that "auto-loading"  Windows 3.1 on the IBM PS2
defeats the purpose of illustrating that Windows of that era was not a stand-a-lone application and must be loaded over top of DOS.

With that in mind, I reversed my "DOH" boo boo by editing of the AUTOEXEC.BAT, but with a twist.
I  used the CHOICE.COM command and added a "choice" of whether you want to load Windows right away, or not [Y,N], 
or allow the option to time out in to a DOS prompt.   

Once that happens, CLS or the clear screen command clears the screen and echos:
"Load Windows at any Time by typing WIN".

This gives more options.

Bill Inderrieden

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