[vcf-midatlantic] Putting the Federation in Vintage Computer Federation

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 23:09:53 EDT 2020

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> And, finally, which I think I've posted on already, this all started
> with the loan of working Canon Cat (sitting in a plastic bin in the
> warehouse - boo!) to Kennett Classic (on display for people to use - yay!).
> Our general philosophy going forward is that we can't display
> everything, so it makes much more sense to loan out artifacts for the
> world to see (and repair!) than to have artifacts sit in the warehouse
> (climate controlled or not). Everything is now backed by a formal
> process, though, so we have checks and balances and really want to
> encourage people and organizations who have never asked before to
> consider asking.
> Is there something we haven't thought of? Let us know!
> Best wishes,
>            -Adam

This is a nice gesture and I respect the Steering Committee for putting out
a coherent plan and managing people resources so well.  When we formed this
group in 2005 we discussed loaning out systems for restoration and it's
really great to hear it's finally happening.  There are so many people with
talent in the group who want to contribute.  This is what causes the
MARCH/VCFed to stand out.

I'd suggest you try to track down the persons who donated items that are to
be checked out.  When there is some action/progress let the persons who
donated them know that their donation was finally being curated.  It would
encourage other quality donations.  Generally-speaking keep a paper-trail
with the items.

BTW - I am going to send out some announcements soon about Kennett Classic
and our upcoming event scheduled for September 26th.  Due to COVID 19 I
decided that we'll reschedule the larger event and replace with a one-year
anniversary open house instead.  Details to follow.

We are in the process of setting up a 68000 exhibit that will include the
Canon Cat.

I have been at the beach all summer (Lewes, DE), finally getting back to
business again.  We are now back to our regular schedule - Tues through
Saturday 11-4.

Best Regards

Bill Degnan

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