[vcf-midatlantic] USB Floppies that are flexible? Cleaning a 3.5" drive?

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Tue Dec 8 10:54:52 EST 2020

Is that floppy drive from a latitude D series
Kind of a light to medium gray color?

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> On Dec 8, 2020, at 10:08 AM, Dean Notarnicola via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> I recently purchased a Dell FDDM-101 for that very purpose. It is a laptop
> drive, but it has a mini-USB port on it that allows external use. It
> reportedly is one of the few USB floppies that can do so, but I have not
> yet tried it.
> As far as cleaning, I think that cleaning diskettes are your best bet.
>> On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 10:00 AM John Heritage via vcf-midatlantic <
>> vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
>> Hey folks,  two asks -- I'm looking for advice:
>> Are there any USB or external floppy drive arrangements that are flexible
>> like internal floppy drives for allowing formatting and/or reading of
>> unusual sector sizes or formats?
>> Ex:  800KB Atari ST floppies and PC DOS disks formatted in unusual sizes
>> ..
>> Second question is -what is the easiest way to clean the heads on a 3.5"
>> floppy?   If I have a bunch of 'suspect' floppies that I want to clean the
>> head between every disk it seems a little painful to disassemble the drive
>> enough to see the heads and clean.  Are there any alternatives?
>> (I'm used to 5.25" drives where there's often enough space in there to wipe
>> without disassembly).
>> Maybe there's a good (modern) source of 3.5" cleaning floppies?
>> (P.S.  I have a K6-3+ PC I can put a fresh OS on so I may be cleaning a
>> legacy 3.5" drive instead of a USB floppy).
>> Thanks!
>> John

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