[vcf-midatlantic] Post Virtual Festivus workshop

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 14 06:13:13 EST 2020

There were a few people that stayed after our Virtual Festivus to work on
VCF stuff.

Ian now has rigged a way to keep our Xerox on separate from the monitor so
we can keep the computer on separately from the monitor. If we choose to
keep the computer on for longer periods, then we don't have to worry about
the long boot up and setup process each time. VCF also purchased a high end
UPS to protect this equipement. We will be finishing up this process on

Jeff Salzman got the Atari 1040ST and Amiga setup with some demos and will
be getting more for the museum. He also tried to get a boot disk for the
Zorba unsuccessfully, but will take them home to try to get them to boot
from floppy. He is working on getting more demos for other museum machines.

Jeff Jonas and Bill Inderrieden are working on getting signs for the CPU
exhibit and slide rule exhibit. They also organized and searched for
missing things in the warehouse. Some employees of Bob Roswell took
pictures of their IBM 1130 because they are working on restoring it and
wanted to see what ours looked like, etc.

CDL donated LED track lighting to the museum which VCF plans on using for a
future project in the museum.

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