[vcf-midatlantic] O'scope went up in Smoke, I want to fix it.

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Thu Dec 17 18:13:57 EST 2020

I posted this to the CDL list also, Jeff recommended I post here.

Herb Johnson and Bruce Freeman gave a few useful ideas. Like don't discharge the big
caps (or tube) with your fingers. :-)

Here's the story so far:
- I'm working on my Grant Searle 68B09 board & both weren't working (SBC now works)
- Warmed up the scope and smelled burning part(s) but saw no smoke.
- was able to get .2mv p-p signal and trace on scope was visible but weak
- Eventually couldn't see the trace (not even with the finder)
- unable to open the scope (tektronix 2336, 100Mhz, dual trace)
   - not even sure how
   - many funny screws (looking for appropriate tools or small vise grips)
- On/Off switch sticks and the green flip indicator is broke.

 From what I've seen of other similar scopes on Youtube this thing is packed.
My current guess is a video component or a power supply component.

I'll be picking up the schematic next month from an online source ($15).
The free stuff didn't have the scope's schematic.

Any suggestions?

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