[vcf-midatlantic] What projects are you working on?

Alexander Pierson ajpierson1 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 28 21:15:16 EST 2020

I moved a few months ago, so I'm still setting up my new home workshop.  I've enjoyed building a more substantial desk layout that accommodates way more computers than my previous one.  I've also been able to put all of my books, software boxes, and other assorted trinkets on shelves for the first time since 2013, which is a really nice feeling.  Arranging all that stuff and running cables has taken most of my time since then, and will likely continue to be a priority for awhile longer.  My new workbench will be here in about 2 weeks, then I need to figure out how to arrange my soldering and test equipment.  I was hoping to find a shelf deep enough to support my scope and logic analyzer to sit over top of the bench, but I'm not finding any options of the right size that can hold the combined weight.  
In the meantime, I've been testing my pile of PC floppy drives and a Commodore 1540.  The latter of which needs realignment, and the former have been a mixed bag of working/not working.  I've also got a Glitch Works R6501Q SBC awaiting assembly when I have a place to actually solder.  After that, I need to open up my new-to-me SL-1700 turntable and figure out what's wrong with the right channel and the speed control.  
-Alexander 'Z' Pierson

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