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> Subject: [vcf-midatlantic] What projects are you working on?
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> During this time of year many of us are off work or inside for one reason
> or another.
> I'm curious what projects everyone is working on.
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Ha.  Thanks for asking, Jeffrey.  Who asks me this??? No one. haha.  I
am so happy to oblige:

I'm still extremely underemployed, so I've been spending more time on
my retrocomputing projects than ever.

I have two PET 8016s that I'm restoring very slowly.  At this stage
I'm cleaning/repairing keyboards and trying to clean the very dirty
and red markered-up cases.  That's serious labor.

I also have a pile of Amiga stuff I've been making progress on.  Some
stuff I'll keep, some I'll sell or whatever.:

I'll be upgrading the SCSI chip on an Amiga 3000... hoping to get the
voodoo out of the SCSI bus so I can more reliably test the myriad of
SCSI accessories (some interesting stuff including a floptical drive
and a bornoulli box) that I want to eventually clean up and sell.
The A3000 needs a serious keyboard cleaning.  I'm a little hesitant.
I have a bad habit of making things worse when I "fix" them.
Especially keyboards haha.

I'm replacing the keyboard membrane on an Amiga 1200 (see earlier
comment re:fixing keyboards).

During the earlier part of the pandemic, I was able to get a Mac
Classic II somewhat spiffied up, fully tricked out, and put on the
network.  I've been enjoying exploring the software on that, as I
never had a Macintosh back in the day.

I've also been doing some assembly coding for the PET... I've been
eyeing my Micro-KIM as that may be next in line for some new code

I also did a serious repair on an old (late 1980's) Ensoniq SQ-80
synth.  I learned a lot on that one...

Otherwise, I've been making videos like this one:


Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all
the absolute best in 2021.



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