[vcf-midatlantic] Hayes 300bps SmartModem for museum exhbit?

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Sat Feb 1 12:01:08 EST 2020

Hmm.. this just gets more interesting.

I found this:


Where Ward Christensen thanks the S-100 modem companies:

"Oh yes, special thanks to the S-100 modem companies (Hayes, IDS, and 
PMMI) for really making CBBS practical. We probably wouldn't have tried 
it with an external modem."

And Wikipedia 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayes_Microcomputer_Products> tells me:

"Hayes started producing similar products at a "hobby level" in his 
kitchen in April 1977 with his friend and co-worker, Dale Heatherington. 
Their first product was the 80-103A, a 300 bit/s Bell 103-compatible 
design for S-100 bus machines. Business picked up quickly, and in 
January 1978 they quit their jobs at National Data to form their own 
company,[2] D.C. Hayes Associates."

Furthermore, the Micromodem II for the Apple II came out in 1979.

So the very thing that made BBS systems practical caused problems for 
lay people wishing to connecting to BBSs (especially if they didn't have 
slots). Enter the SmartModem.

So cool. Thinking out loud, we should put the Micromodem II in the Apple 
II and connect it to one of the S100 machines with an 80-103A!

And now I really want an original Bell 101 for the display. We might 
have to buy a bigger display case <he half jokes>.

On 2/1/2020 11:39 AM, Tony Bogan via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> That was the modem I mentioned as my assumption of what you wanted, but I only have the later Apple II internal modem with the external microcoupler. S100 stuff was not a thing i dealt with in my small corner of the world.
> Tony
>>> I'm learning more and more. Since the exhibit is primarily motivated to
>>> honor CBBS and the passing of Randy Seuss, I'm doing some research on
>>> the modem originally used for CBBS.
>>> Was it the Hayes (internal S100) listed below? Seuss himself just
>>> mentions a "Hayes 300 baud modem card"

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