[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2020-02-02

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Sun Feb 2 17:08:52 EST 2020

The Orel BK-08 was made in the Ukraine pre Soviet break, so it is more 
correct to call it a Soviet Union computer.They continued to make it 
after the fall of the Soviet Union under a different name. It is a clone 
of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum called "орель" (which translates to Eagle), 
More information at:




<http://oldcomputer.info/8bit/orel/index.htm>We're looking for someone 
with ZX Spectrum experience who would be interested in getting it into 
usable condition. We have no power cord (24V 400mAmps power supply, 
research says) and are assuming it outputs SECAM video. We will be 
putting a Timex Sinclair next to it so people can experience the 
Sinclair while we try to restore the Eagle.

The Pravetz is Bulargian and is, indeed, an Apple II clone. Also from 
the Soviet era so correctly called a Soviet Union clone and is on loan 
from Tony Bogan. He can fill in more details.

Best wishes,


On 2/2/2020 4:46 PM, Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Lots of visitors today. I counted about 52. I have that number because I'm
> starting to keep track of the actual number of visitors that make it to our
> museum (i.e. not just InfoAge in general).
> Changes to the museum:
> We switched out the Storagetek with one piece from the Vax 9000.
> We added two Russian computers. I believe one is Ukranian and an Apple //
> clone. Tony Bogan has more details.
> We started our 80's bedroom exhibit and have a Commodore 64 setup there now
> and will have a printer and PrintShop connected soon. Visitors will be able
> to print out souvenirs. The bedroom has such artifacts as 80's movie
> posters, Dungeons and Dragons books, vinyl records from the time, Risk
> (board game), Rubix Cube. We plan on adding more pop culture of the time
> period.
> The next phase will be an 80's office environment and appropriate computer
> for that time. We have the cubicle wall and fake plant already there.
> I'm sure I'm missing some changes, so maybe the steering committee can fill
> in the gaps.
> More changes to come ...

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