[vcf-midatlantic] 1980's bedroom setup

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Mon Feb 3 18:50:55 EST 2020

On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 6:35 PM Richard Cini via vcf-midatlantic
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> If you look at this Radio Shack catalog page (http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/html/catalogs_extra/1985_rsc-14/h061.html)) I had the desk/hutch/printer setup for a long time,

Excellent example of the period.

I didn't have a modern desk in the early 80s.  I was living at home
and just had some crappy old wooden desk - a hand-me-down from the 60s
or 70s.

Thinking back to wall decor, one thing I _did_ have was the
"Adventure" poster from CompuServe.  It was an item you could purchase
in the Compuserve "Mall" and came rolled up, B&W, and ready to color.
My original was long lost - I think pet damage, but I found this
discussion and a link to high-res images (7MB PDF and 28MB JPG):


BTW, the Rubik's Cube in the present display is a nice touch.  Thumbs
up there (I still carry one around in my bag for twisting in airports
and on airplanes - unlike a cell phone, I don't need a connection and
the batteries never run flat)


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