[vcf-midatlantic] Working on a historical microprocessor exhibt

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Sun Feb 9 11:45:37 EST 2020

Hi Everyone,

VCF is working on a historical exhibit of CPUs (not really support chips 
at this point). Literally just the CPUs.

What should we have at the bare minimum? 4004, 8008, 8088, 8086, 6502, 
Z80, 6800, 6809...?

What should we have if we have more space? 80x86, 680x0, Sparc, MIPS, 
Power, Alpha, ARM, Itanium...?

Modern CPUs (to some degree) aren't out of the question, either, as 
we're hoping to show the progression of Moore's Law from the 4004 (2,300 
transistors) to present day maybe, for example, a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (at 
9,890,000,000 transistors).

Thoughts? I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of important CPUs.


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