[vcf-midatlantic] Working on a historical microprocessor exhibt

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 11:51:41 EST 2020

On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 11:45 AM Adam Michlin via vcf-midatlantic
<vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> VCF is working on a historical exhibit of CPUs (not really support chips
> at this point). Literally just the CPUs.


> What should we have at the bare minimum? 4004, 8008, 8088, 8086, 6502,
> Z80, 6800, 6809...?


> What should we have if we have more space? 80x86, 680x0, Sparc, MIPS,
> Power, Alpha, ARM, Itanium...?

Depends on your focus, but the 8-bitters above are all 1970s and so is
the MC68000.

There's also the SC/MP a version of which appeared as the INS8073, a
"BASIC on a chip" product (CPU, BASIC in ROM and a few I/O bits for a
console, just add RAM) and found in the RB5X robot (among other

> Thoughts? I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of important CPUs.

Depends on "important for what".  I see plenty of good suggestions in
the rest of the thread.


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