[vcf-midatlantic] Fortran Board Game

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Tue Feb 11 20:40:48 EST 2020

No worries on giving me a hard time. I usually deserve it!

No, we don't really need it. But it would be really cool to have as a 
wall decoration. And, for whatever it is worth, CHM has one and it is 
catalogued as part of their collection. (Not that we have to have 
everything they have, of course).

Although, now that I know there were a number of  computer card/board 
games in the 70s and 80s... any suggestions for others? That would be a 
neat exhibit down the line.

On 2/11/2020 4:12 PM, Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Adam, I'll risk my ignorance of this particular 1970's board game, to 
> speak up. Without going on about the history of board games; There 
> were any number of "computer" card-game or board-game products in the 
> 1970's and 80's, also earlier - why is this one any better than any 
> other? Why is this worth $300? I'm not a game-collector, and I 
> certainly don't take an eBay description at face value. But I know 
> FORTRAN, and I don't see much "FORTRAN" about this game, from the eBay 
> auction photos.
> I dont' want to give Adam a hard time, if he was simply excited to see 
> such a thing and was sharing his excitement. But I'm left confused by 
> statement like "we really need this... this is a real thing". Does the 
> VCFed Museum now solicit board-games about computers? If so the local 
> thrift stores will produce them; please provide some guidance if you 
> want donations. Do not pass GO, do not pay $300.
> Regards, Herb Johnson

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