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On 2/16/20 8:12 AM, Brian Schenkenberger via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

Martin pointed me in the correct direction on those other special area codes.


> Jackson had been 201.  Then, 908 was created and Jackson was put in that area code.
> Soon thereafter, 732 was created and Jackson was again move into that new code.  I
> stopped having business cards printed as it seemed that every time I had new cards
> printed, the area code was changed. ;)

I didn't know that Jackson was 201, I'd always thought that Rt 33 was kind of the
dividing line for 201 & 609. I recall seeing this nice straight line dividing NJ
into the two area codes (at the time of 1981). Though the changes would have come
soon after that.

And yes, I went through the 201 -> 908 -> 732 changes also.

I now have to wonder if I recall correctly that Jamesburg/Monroe was in the 609
area code. I know the Spotswood/Monroe section was in the 201 area code.

I just recall that I could dial any BBS in the New Brunswick exchanges for free
The New Brunswick exchange fed the South River exchange, the South River exchange
fed the Spotswood exchange. The Jamesburg exchange wasn't fed by the New Brunswick
exchange so parts of Monroe and Jamesburg were a toll call.

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