[vcf-midatlantic] CPU exhibit, reborn

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 00:46:50 EST 2020

Several years ago, I made a CPU exhibit for MARCH
mostly demonstrating how the pin count
went from 40 (Z80, 8086, 6502 ...)
to 64 (wide-body 68000)
to hundreds (Pentium, Pentium-Pro, AT&T 32000)
to a thousand.
It's the "tyranny of numbers" all over again:
too many pins to casually prototype
(particularly the dreaded ball-grid-array).

I never completed the accompanying chart
with other stats: year it was introduced, word size,
number of transistors, line width, die size, clock speed, CMOS/NMOS/PMOS).

I was hoping to correlate it to the systems that used the chip
and how so many mfgrs were in the game,
particularly with the homebrew & demonstrators
(RCA, Motorola, MOS, Zilog, Intel ...)

Adam found it in the warehouse, so the exhibit is jump-started!

-- jeff jonas

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