Some personal updates

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Feb 20 20:28:28 EST 2020

Some folks asked what is going on with me. They want to know if I am still in the hobby.

The answer is yes. I'm as much of an Apple II fan as ever, and I am definitely going back to Kfest this summer -- can't wait!

But I am staying away from VCF events for now, because there are three specific people whom I really don't want to be around. I feel deeply hurt and betrayed by these individuals.

One person in particular -- for the record, it's not Jeff Brace -- is someone who, quite frankly, I don't trust * myself * to be in the same room with at this point. I'm a pacifist, but this one person deserves a large bucket of my aggression.

Corey, whose friendship I value very much, urged me to do a Lego/computer display at VCF East. I am torn between obliging (because it would be insanely fun) and declining (because of aforementioned certain people.)

I'm leaning toward saying no, because it would hurt too much to see people take credit for my work, and to see all the changes of which I do not approve.


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