[vcf-midatlantic] Data Recovery from Jaz Cartridge

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Feb 25 13:13:20 EST 2020

Someone sent me a message requesting data recovery services. If anyone is
interested or capable, then I will forward the contact info.

Here is the request:
I have a friend who needs data recovery for his Iomega *Jaz* Drive -- he
has around a dozen 1GB disks.  He asked me to help.

He has (1) the drive, (2) the “*Jaz Traveller*” adapter, and (3) the
cable.  He has no software to install.  This drive uses a SCSI interface
and many people are selling (*gouging*) little SCSI to USB adapters ( Adaptec
USB2xchange, Jaz Scsi to USB, and Microtech SCSI to USB) , on ebay and
elsewhere for $250-$300 but noone states they were able to see a (say) File
Explorer view of the files when they put the USB cable into a modern
machine (say Vista, Win 7, Win8, Win10).   I don't think that these
adapters would work and my friend can't afford $300 for an adapter that
might not work.

On the other hand, I concluded that since the “*Jaz Traveller*” adapter he
does have claims to convert SCSI to the Parallel Printer Port Interface
(the shape and number of pins for SCSI is similar to PPP Interface), he has
enough equipment to connect the cables to a PPP on a machine which has what
I believe is called the guest95.exe Jaz software.  This is a standalone app
that runs on Windows 95 and reads from the PPP.  I do have a Windows 95
machine but I cannot find guest95.exe except on very dark and evil sites
where I do not trust that download to be anything but a virus and I cannot
risk my machine that way.  On one site, I downloaded three .rar files but
they were in error with regard to a part being missing.

I am thinking perhaps one of your vintage cronies still has a working Jaz
Drive and can do this recovery at an affordable price if the disks were
shipped to them -- all data  would all fit on a $6 SanDisk 32GB thumb drive
:- ).
Jeff Brace
Vice President & Board Member, VCF East Showrunner
Vintage Computer Federation
jeffrey at vcfed.org

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