[vcf-midatlantic] we need an endearing term for our computer pioneers/founders

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Fri Jan 10 17:18:16 EST 2020

This is why such questions are presented to the collective, to discuss

Death has always been a philosophical issue. That being said, I think
"logged off" is a very good term of endearment for our hobby.

I meant no disrespect for the EOL suggestion, and I'm sure those who
initially agreed with it meant no disrespect either. It literally means
"End of Life." Calling it cold or insensitive is a matter of perception.
When our precious computer systems eventually reach their EOL, do we forget
about them? No. We remember all the best of what they did and we pass that
information on to a younger generation of computers to carry on that
knowledge and purpose. It doesn't invalidate anything the former computer
has done.

That's also precisely what happens with the people in this hobby/industry.

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> > I agree with "logged off" because it is the most human. It is
> > something humans do.
> > where as the shutdown commands are more technical and cold.
> >
> > I think Evan's "logged off" is the best so far.
> >
> sorry, I meant logged off (not logged out)

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