[vcf-midatlantic] we need an endearing term for our computer pioneers/founders

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Fri Jan 10 17:26:53 EST 2020

On Fri, 10 Jan 2020, Jeff Salzman via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

> This is why such questions are presented to the collective, to discuss
> ideas.
> Death has always been a philosophical issue. That being said, I think
> "logged off" is a very good term of endearment for our hobby.
> I meant no disrespect for the EOL suggestion, and I'm sure those who
> initially agreed with it meant no disrespect either. It literally means
> "End of Life." Calling it cold or insensitive is a matter of perception.

    EOL can also mean "End Of Line". Re: Tron.

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