[vcf-midatlantic] Low Key Approach

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Jan 13 13:37:57 EST 2020

> I like the low-key approach when selling on Ebay.  This guy has a
> "Commodore Computer" for sale:
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/commodore-computer/283696540539
> $500.    $250 shipping.
> I am sure it's great no need for photos, I trust you.
> Bill

Sometimes those are the best! One time on craigslist there was "Tenor sax. 

So I replied, "What brand/model?"

It was worth every bit of $150! More like $1500+

Ping them and ask!  It could be a complete Amiga 4000.

 			- Ethan

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