[vcf-midatlantic] we need an endearing term for our computer pioneers/founders

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Jan 15 11:53:13 EST 2020

I've read the discussion to date on this subject. I am at an age where 
the subject has some personal meaning to me. Here's some thoughts I have.

"log in" or "log out" by Web search, is about access on a computer, 
people know about that. It seems to be derived from maintaining a "log", 
a paper account such as a ship's logbook. That appears to be based on 
"logging" distance in a "chip log" - ledgers of distance sailed measured 
by a log on-a-rope dragging in the water for a period of time. This is 
not from an authoritative reference.

So: "logged out" has some reference to time and completion and record; 
it's not an abbreviation, and people know the phrase. So it works for me 
in some way. But I don't think I need a vote on the matter. People will 
speak in grief, as they are moved (or not). Phrases come and go in 
popularity. I think shared discussion leading to some amount of 
reflection and consensus, is sufficient.

And one other thing. Jeff started this as "honoring pioneers"; the 
presumption by all is to honor them after they are deceased. Why not 
honor them BEFORE?

We are at a point of history, where the "pioneers" of microprocessors 
and their systems are starting to "leave the planet" (the phrase I 
learned to use in the 1970's). Paying attention to their work NOW, when 
they can account for it, give details, seems like a good idea to me.

I try to prove accounts on my Web site, about companies or products or 
people, who pioneered in the computers of interest to me. Some are from 
those persons, some are about those persons. As I said, the subject in 
this thread has some meaning to me.

Herb Johnson

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