[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Sticker Ideas?

Alexander Pierson ajpierson1 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 17 12:55:39 EST 2020

 Keep it simple to start with.  The VCFed logo is a good place to begin, because it's applicable enough where folks will want to put them everywhere.  
I saw someone mentioned stickermule the other day -- I've had good luck with their products.  A few of my Cactus stickers have been attached to a friend's car-mounted bike rack out in the elements for nearly a year now, and they still look vibrant.  They're surprisingly weatherproof and durable.  While they aren't on par with asset tracking stickers, they would make a fine tool for identifying pieces of  VCFed property like hand trucks and larger bench equipment in the museum.
2" stickers will be easy to place on all sorts of things.  3" or 4" stickers will be great for larger objects and vehicles.  
-Alexander 'Z' Pierson

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> You know, I have seen many people collecting the "States" magnets.

You could definitely do some floppy-shaped magnets just to mess with people.

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