[vcf-midatlantic] List of 2020 exhibits

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Fri Jan 24 14:10:58 EST 2020

Evan, all advice is welcome, especially the free kind!!
Yes, the list definitely needs to be updated (and the entire website section for VCF East)

It is slated to be updated after the workshop this weekend. Since we just had a flurry of classes, speakers and exhibits sign up over the past 5 or 6 days, we decided to meet at the workshop tomorrow and go over everything before doing the next update. As you well know, everyone that wants to do an exhibit isn’t automatically approved, so it’s never been done in real time. (Although maybe we will let some Pentium based exhibits in this year ;-)


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>>> I?ll post it here
>> Free advice: I always posted it on the event site ASAP as exhibitors sign up. This way, potential attendees or participants see that the event will be active. If you wait too long to post the exhibits (and classes, etc.), then people will judge the quality of the event based on the detail-less website and decide not to attend or spread misinformation.
>   I agree with Evan. I'd like to see the exhibitors list updated on the site, as new people sign up.
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