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This may be interesting to some ...

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Subject: [IBM1130] Print Punch: Artefacts from the Punch Card Computing Era
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Hi all,

We have just released our new book which covers the visual history of the
computer punch card. I thought this might be of interest to the group. Some
of you have generously helped us with images and information already.

The book features over 200 punch cards, 150 archival images and essays by
Steven E Jones, Sandra Rendgen and John L Walters. You can see shots of the
book on my  <http://www.patrickfry.co.uk/printpunch/>site
<http://www.patrickfry.co.uk/printpunch/> and more info on the CentreCentre
site <https://centrecentre.co.uk/>, with a press release attached.

We would love to spread the word about this book to anyone who might be
interested. Please let me know if you’d like to know more.


Patrick Fry
215a Kingsland Road
London E2 8AN
+44 (0)7877 132 499

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