[vcf-midatlantic] Hayes 300bps SmartModem for museum exhbit?

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Thu Jan 30 08:16:30 EST 2020

Hi Everyone,

We're building a museum exhbit on historical modems. RIght now we have:


USR 300 bps

USR Dual Standard Courier 14.4kbps (Sysop badged)

Telebit T2500

Hayes 9600 bps

USR Sportster V.92

The idea is feature the beginnings (acoustic) and ends (USR V.92) and 
several important modems in both the hobbyist space (the Dual Standard 
being very popular with BBSs) and the business space (Telebit).

We'd like to replace the Hayes 9600 with a Hayes 300 SmartModem so 
people can see the modem that birthed the Hayes command set. Research 
indicates that the 300 is the first with the Hayes AT command set, but 
any corrections are welcome. Does anyone have a 300 they would be wiling 
to donate or lend?

Museum exhibits will be changed much more frequently, although not on 
any set schedule as of yet, so any loan will most certainly be for less 
than one year.

I'll add that, as it stands, this is a behind glass exhibit. There 
certainly is the possibility of connecting some of these (or other)  
modems to machines as we consider possible infrastructure capabilities 
on the museum.



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